Mount Kilimanjaro National Park which is consist with the National park which is famous for it largest breed of elephants and the Mountain which is one of the seven highest summits in the world with 19,341 feet above sea level, is located in Moshi region in Tanzania.The name kilimanjaro came  from Chagga people where by kilima means mountain and Njaro to denote whiteness.

Traditionally the mountain was a stratovolcano that was formed 3million years ago along with the great Rift Valley. The mountain was formed due to repetitive process of explosive eruption where several layers of fragmental fallouts comprising of hardened volcanic ash, magma, lava pumice, and tephra.The mountain has three distinct volcano cones the highest is Kibo which is predicted to be dormant  with chance of eruption. Mawenzi and shira which are the other two cone which are extinct with no chance of eruption. The Mountain is also  composed with other large variety of ecosystems like  tropical, jungle, the savannah, desert montane, sub alpine, and alpine vegetation. 

One can climb the mountain using five different route Marangu,Machame,Rongai,Lemosho and Mweka route . The most frequented routes used are  Machame, Lemosho and Marangu. the reason behind is Machame and Lemosho  are easy and scenic giving a breath taking view of the mountain flora and fauna and  Marangu route is the easiest but gets difficult during the final ascent near the brim of the crater.